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Practical information

Here we inform about some practical issues


    Look at the menu below for information about some of the practical issues you might encounter as a non-Danish speaker.

    If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact City Hall or visit Digital Citizen Service at the library.

    Visit Life in Denmark.dk for more general information about living in Denmark.

    Note that any information in English on Albertslund.dk only serves as a guideline and is not legally binding.

    Be aware that most solutions only are written in Danish.

    Digital Citizen Service at the library can help you with online self service.

    Visit the library, if you need:

    • New passport
    • Postal voting
    • Help using MitID
    • Help using public self-service.

    If the library is not able to help you, please call City Hall at: Tel. 43 68 68 68.

    Driver's license

    If you need a driver's license, you must call City Hall at Tel. 43 68 68 68 and book a meeting.


    During library opening hours, you can get new passport.

    Postal voting

    If you wish to vote by mail for the municipal and regional elections, please visit the library.

    Forms and ordinary mail

    If you need to deliver a form or a letter to City Hall, you can send it using ordinary mail or put it in the mail box at City Hall.

    Opening hours

    Albertslund Main Library, Bibliotekstorvet 2, 2620 Albertslund

    Monday  10 am - 7 pm  
    Tuesday  10 am - 7 pm  
    Wednesday 10 am - 7 pm  
    Thursday  10 am - 7 pm  
    Friday 10 am - 6 pm  
    Saturday 10 am - 2 pm  
    Sunday 11 am - 3 pm (Only during the winter season 1/10  

    Hedemarken Library and Citizen Center, Hedemarksvej 14, 2620 Albertslund

    Monday 2 pm - 7 pm  
    Tuesday 12 pm - 4 pm  
    Wednesday 2 pm - 7 pm  
    Thursday 2 pm - 7 pm  
    Friday 12 pm - 4 pm  
    Saturday First Saturday of the month 12 pm - 4 pm  
    Sunday  Closed

    Your access to any contact with Danish authorities.

    In Denmark, every person has a personal registration number, which is called a CPR number (Central Person Register).

    The CPR number is essential in relation to any contact with Danish authorities and especially in connection with tax, health and social security issues.

    Learn more about the CPR number at Life in Danmark.dk.

    Most treatments are free with a Health Card.

    When you move to Denmark and hold a residence permit, you are covered by the Danish health insurance system.

    Most examinations and treatments are free, but you need to register and get a Health Card.

    To register and get your health insurance card, please book a meeting at 43 68 68 68.

    If you lose your health insurance card or want to change your GP later on, you can get help using online self-service at the local libraries.

    Read more about health insurance at Life in Denmark.dk.

    GP - your family doctor

    Once you are registered in the Central Person Register, you are entitled to choose a general practitioner (GP), who can treat you, if you get sick.

    You can register with a new GP, whenever you want to. It costs a small fee.

    Read more about getting a GP at Life in Denmark.dk

    If you need help changing your GP online, visit the local libraries or call City Hall at tel. 43 68 68 68.

    Residents from outside of the EU/EEA must exchange their license within 90 days.

    If you have permanent residence in Denmark and a driver's license issued in a country outside of the EU/EEA, you must exchange your foreign driver's license for a Danish one within 90 days. Otherwise you are not allowed to drive a vehicle in Denmark.

    If you wish to exchange your driver's license for a Danish driver's license, please make an appointment at City Hall by calling tel. 43 68 68 68.

    Bring the documents needed

    In order to get a licens you must bring:

    • A medical certificate issued by your own general practitioner in Denmark
    • A passport photo
    • Your driver's license
    • ID: Passport or your original certificate of baptism or birth certificate as well as photo identification.
    • If you are not a Danish or Nordic citizen, please bring a valid residence permit (or residence certificate if you are an EU citizen)

    Learn more about exchanging your license at LifeinDenmark.dk

    When relocating, you must notify the municipality within 5 days.

    When you change your address, you must notify the municipality you are moving to.

    You can do it online, and it must be done, no later than 5 days after you have moved.

    To get access to the online self-service, log on using MitID.

    Need help?

    If you do not have a MitID, or if you are having problems using the online self-service, you can get help from Digital Citizen Service.

    Once the move has been registered, a new health insurance card with your new address will be sent to you.

    Register your new address online in English
    Register your new address online in German

    If you are getting married, you have to fill in a notice of marriage, regardless of where the wedding will take place.

    Notice of marriage (English)
    Notice of marriage (German)

    Once the notice of marriage has been approved, a certificate of marital status will be issued, which you must submit to the authority conducting the wedding.

    The certificate of marital status is free of charge, if you are a resident or a citizen of the Nordic countries. Otherwise it costs 500kr.

    Get more information by calling Centre for Citizen Service & Payments at tel. 43 68 68 68 or using email: borgerservice@albertslund.dk

    Taxes are administered by the central tax authority.

    Learn more about the Danish tax system at LifeinDenmark and Skat.dk.

    Or contact the Danish tax authority, Skat.