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About Albertslund

Read and learn about Albertslund and about being a resident in the city


    The city Albertslund is located 17 km west of Copenhagen with a population of nearly 28.000 inhabitants.

    Green city for children and activity

    The town bustles with activity and has a history of good cooperation with its citizens and businesses. Environmental issues, good opportunities for children and young people, and a variety of cultural and leisure pursuits have a high priority.

    Facts about Albertslund

    • 61% of housing is council housing, while 34% is privately owned
    • Albertslund has an area of 23 square kilometres
    • Population: 27.706
    • Area: 23 km2
    • Municipal tax rate: 24, 60%
    • Church tax rate: 0, 80%.

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    Cultural variety, good environment for children and a green city are some of the reasons why Albertslund is a pleasant place to live.

    Albertslund is situated only 20 minutes from the City Hall Square in Copenhagen. Surrounded by forests and green fields, it is a town where urban neighbourhoods and nature go hand in hand. Over 60% of Albertslund Municipality is covered by forests and green areas.

    Cultural variety

    Albertslund is a dynamic town characterized by rich cultural life, many associations and a wide scope of recreational activities for children, young people, the elderly, and especially for parents. You can for example see a good movie in Albertslund Theatre, be entertained at the Main Library, take a dip in one of the local swimming pools or in the open air swimming pool Badesøen, learn to play violin at the Music School, visit the Viking Village, watch a performance at the Music Theatre or attend a concert at the music venue Forbrændingen.

    Good environment for children

    Municipality of Albertslund has for a long time been known for its high standard of childcare provided by attentive, dedicated and competent staff. Educational quality is equalled by high quality of food – meals served to children in day care are at least 70% organic. This is one of the highest organic meal rates in Danish day care institutions.

    Green Albertslund

    Municipality of Albertslund is a pioneer in the environmental field and a laboratory for urban development. New solutions are developed and tested, focusing on energy efficiency for the benefit of individual citizens, the local environment and the global climate. Albertslund was announced as Nordic Energy Municipality 2011.

    Approximately 28.000 inhabitants help to create the positive energy which is characteristic of this town.

    All this and much more makes Albertslund a sustainable suburb of Copenhagen and a pleasant place to live.

    Here you can find all the necessary adresses.

    60% of Albertslund is laid out as green areas, most of it the wooded area Vestskoven, which has been planted gradually since 1967. The woods cover 1,500 hectares and are home to a rich variety of animal and plant life.

    The first tree in the man-made forest Vestskoven was planted in 1967. The forest covers 1,500 hectares and is mostly located in Albertslund. The already rich flora and fauna makes Vestskoven a lovely oasis where you can enjoy nature.

    The largest artificial hill in Denmark, Herstedhøje in Vestskoven, was made from three million cubic metres of earth left over from construction and urban renewal in Greater Copenhagen. The top of the hill provides a magnificent view over most of the metropolitan area. Today, there are hundreds of sheep grazing in the plains at the foot of the hill.

    The whole Herstedhøje area is used for many different types of recreational activities. One of them is the Herstedhøje Nature Centre, which is an indoor and outdoor education centre for natural sciences. Everyone is welcome to visit the exhibitions in the Centre and loan equipment for field use in the local area.

    Albertslund has a unique urban plan, well laid-out residential areas, complete separation between pedestrian, bicycle and motorized traffic and large green areas.

    One of the prime attractions in Albertslund is the numerous green areas in and around the town. Albertslund is a "green" local authority that appeals to present and future residents as well as trade and industry. However, few people outside Albertslund are aware of our green profile.

    Thanks to the efforts of professional planners, Albertslund has inherited many fine qualities: the town plan, well laid-out residential areas, traffic differentiation and green spaces. Over 60% of Albertslund area is laid out as green spaces - five parks, greenery in residential areas, Store Vejleådal area, and particularly the Vestskoven forest, mostly located in Albertslund municipality. Few other communities can boast such a wide range of urban resources and opportunities with close proximity to a major city plus a wealth of natural beauty.

    The lakes in the municipality and the canal in Albertslund South are part of a rainwater diversion project, and examples of how a practical problem can be solved to yield a recreational bonus.

    Albertslund has as many kilometres paths as roads. Car traffic is separated from cyclist and pedestrian traffic. The path system means that cyclists and pedestrians can travel anywhere in Albertslund without having to cross busy roads.

    Albertslund is characterized by its distinctive architecture and absence of monumental buildings. Emphasis has been placed on social environment, in which the social relationships in both the private, semi-public and public spaces have been carefully considered. The town was born with a particular architectural approach and a rather unique structure.

    We will continue setting the benchmark in residential construction and future development must maintain the distinctive features which have become characteristic of local residential communities throughout the years. As a result, it is required that all new construction, such as the construction of the new residential area Herstedlund, is architectonically pleasing, and the high density low rise housing must meet extensive urban ecology requirements.

    The development of Albertslund Centre, a light rail system, conversion of Hersted Industrial Park and energy renovation of a large number of houses. Albertslund is developing…

    Albertslund is known for innovative housing and its clear urban design.

    Albertslund has:

    • High density low rise buildings that contribute to closeness and participation in the community
    • Old villages and  a modern canal town
    • Wonderful interplay between residential and natural areas.

    There is both rental, cooperative and owner-occupied housing as well as hall of residence and youth housing. The composition of housing stock is unusual and has resulted in a diverse composition of tenants.

    Innovative quality homes have been built in Herstedlund in recent years. The families who have chosen the new dwellings have got a common house and common areas as part of the package, while enjoying the other benefits of living in Albertslund.

    In the City of Albertslund we have good environment for children and young people, a wealth of cultural opportunities and a sustainable town where nature and the environment provide the setting for daily life.

    Large scale housing renovation

    Albertslund is undergoing a renewal process, which is also mirrored in "Master Plan South", the largest housing renovation project in Danish history. Rental housing in Albertslund South is being renovated these years, creating the framework for the good life in town.

    Over the next ten years half of the town residents will have their homes renovated. Albertslund has been appointed Nordic Energy Municipality 2011 for its comprehensive energy renovation project.

    Albertslund local authority prioritizes organic food for children. Children are our future and must have a healthy start in life.

    Children and young people are one of our platform issues. Albertslund has long been recognised for the high standard of its facilities and initiatives for children, environmental education and a broad spectrum of cultural and recreational options for children and young people. Services for children hinge on the work of caring, committed and competent adults, and professional awareness is keen in this area.

    We want to rank among the best local authorities in terms of teaching basic skills and knowledge to children and young people as well as nurturing their academic, creative, social and democratic abilities. Albertslund has 4 elementary schools and 17 day care centres. Over 75% of the food served to children in nurseries and kindergartens is organic.

    All schools and institutions are working on such focus areas as integration, quality development, environmental certification and contemporary management. The large majority of almost 7,000 children and young people between the ages of 0 and 16 use the local authority's day care institutions and recreational and youth clubs.

    The focus is both on sports – open air swimming pool, horse riding and motor racing - and cultural activities, such as a visual arts school, a theatre and a symphony orchestra for youngsters. In 2008 Albertslund was announced as the Music School Municipality of the Year. In addition, the local green areas provide a great setting for new extreme sports.

    The organic petting farm Toftegården is a small haven, an idyllic country setting for local children to visit. The children look after their own rabbits and help with the farm chores of feeding and caring for horses, pigs, cows, sheep and chickens. The farm is also a preservation centre for domestic animal breeds. Other children from the Greater Copenhagen area visit the farm, too.

    Albertslund offers high-quality recreational opportunities and a cultural life which you would normally only find in a big city. And there is something for everyone.

    Culture is a driver for our community and Albertslund´s second platform issue. Cultural activities are an integral part of life in town. MusikTeatret is Zealand's largest cultural centre with a concert and theatre hall and two modern cinemas. Forbrændingen is one of the leading venues for rhythmic music in the Greater Copenhagen region.

    Music is something special in Albertslund. We have one of the best music schools in Denmark, and the music school's orchestras are in a league of their own. Every week 1,350 children, young people and adults take classes at the Albertslund Music School in everything from baby bongo to big band, from music and movement to symphony orchestra, as well as individual classes in all types of instruments. Albertslund´s strong music initiatives in primary and lower secondary schools and our future culture centre Kulmøllen are further examples of the special status of music in our community. Several good musicians and stand-up artists come from this town.

    Other examples of cultural spirit in Albertslund is purchasing of artwork, decoration of public buildings, exhibitions and lots of volunteering in sports clubs and associations. Most of the art that Albertslund local authority has bought over the years is displayed where people live and meet – in residential areas, squares, schools, institutions and other public buildings.

    Albertslund is particularly focused on activities for children and young people. As a result, the local authority has formulated a recreational policy for children between the ages of 10 and 17. A visual arts school, riding school and sports facilities are just some of the cultural and recreational activities Albertslund offers its youngest generation. Albertslund Motor Sports Centre gives them the chance to live out their racing dreams.

    The adults, too, have plenty of opportunities for outdoor pursuits and relaxation in the green areas around Albertslund.

    Albertslund has over 300 registered associations offering a wealth of activities and 57 are sports associations. 48 percent of young people under 25 are members of a sports association. Sports clubs and other associations rely heavily on the work of committed volunteers.

    Albertslund Stadium houses two sports halls, six tennis courts, 20 football pitches and one cricket pitch. Albertslund also has two football complexes and many other local sports facilities.

    Albertslund Badesøen recreation centre has an open air swimming pool with a diameter of 60 metres plus courts for playing beach volleyball, beach ball, street basketball and boccia. Albertslund Riding Centre is a modern centre with 77 horses, a riding school, riding physiotherapy facilities and boarding stable.

    In 2007, the municipality of Albertslund was the first municipality to become 100% EMAS environmentally certified in Europe.

    Albertslund takes environmental problems seriously and does something about them. Our aim is to think globally and act locally. It is our declared goal to find new ways to reduce total CO2 emissions within the local authority, as well as minimise water, soil and air pollution. All branches of local authority and local institutions are environmentally certified according to the European EMAS standard. In 2008 Albertslund became the first 100% environmentally certified municipality in Denmark.

    Since 1993, Albertslund local authority has been preparing a Green Accounting Statement showing the consumption of heat, electricity and water, production of waste and CO2 emissions. The objective is to reduce energy consumption and improve the environment. These efforts have yielded extraordinary results.

    Albertslund is also a partner in the Green Cities network, striving towards CO2 neutral energy consumption and implementing climate initiatives in a number of areas, such as  environmental certification, sustainable purchasing ("green") policies, sustainable renovation and construction of buildings, encouraging renewables as well as promoting sustainable citizen behaviour and alternatives to car traffic. Albertslund has gained valuable experience from working full scale within the environmental management system and the other Green Cities municipalities now benefit from this knowledge.

    In recent years Albertslund has won several prestigious awards for its environmental and climate efforts: the Nordic Council´s Nature and Environment Prize in 2007, The Danish Town Planning Institute´s Town Planning Award in 2008, Climate Cup Town Award in 2008, Danish Energy Association´s ELFORSK award in 2009 and the Nordic Council´s award as Nordic Energy Municipality 2011.  In April 2009 Albertslund was announced as Energy Town by Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy.

    Here are some facts you might not know about Albertslund.

    Did you know that:

    • It takes less than 20 minutes from Albertslund to Copenhagen by S-train.
    • Over 60% of Albertslund is covered by forests and green areas. Albertslund has 4 elementary schools and 17 day care institutions.
    • Over 75% of the food in day care institutions is organic.
    • 70% of all first grade pupils in Albertslund either cycle or walk to and from school.
    • Albertslund has a brand new library, designed by Henning Larsen Architects.
    • Every week 1,350 children, young people and adults take classes at the Albertslund Music School in everything from baby bongo to big band.
    • Albertslund has its own symphony orchestra.
    • Forbrændingen is a regional music venue where you can hear established artists and upcoming bands.
    • MusikTeatret is Zealand´s largest cultural centre with a concert and theatre hall and two modern cinemas.
    • Open air swimming pool Badesøen in Albertslund is the most beautiful open air swimming pool in Northern Europe. There you can swim, take a ride on the water slide, play beach volleyball, street basketball, mini golf etc.
    • The organic petting farm Toftegården is a small haven, an idyllic country setting for local children to visit.
    • There are over 300 associations in Albertslund.In 2007 Albertslund became the first environmentally certified municipality in Denmark.
    • Albertslund was appointed Nordic Energy Municipality 2011 thanks to urban development with climate considerations - the development of solutions for energy efficient renovation of homes.