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About Albertslund

Read and learn about Albertslund and about being a resident in the city


    The city of Albertslund is a part of Greater Copenhagen, located just 17 km west of the capitol. With its innovative architecture, spectacular nature, and exciting initiatives, Albertslund stands out as a very special place to live.

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    The welfare of children and young people has a very high priority in Albertslund. For a long time, Albertslund has been recognized for its high level of quality within childcare facilties as well as its opportunities and initiatives for children and young people.

    Being one of Albertslund Municipality's key issues, the local authority is very focused on the health and welfare of children in the city. It is believed that a healthy start to life is hinged on the work of competent and caring professionals. Therefore, we have an ambition to rank among the best in terms of education, and to nuture the academic, creative and social abilties of children and young people in Albertslund.

    There are currently 4 elementary schools and 15 daycare institutions in Albertslund, as well as educational opportunities for young people and adults.

    Albertslund offers a vast variety of recreational opportunities for all ages, whether you like sports, arts, or anything inbetween. Culture is one of Albertslund's key issues, and cultural activities are central to life in town. 

    For art and music lovers, MusikTeatret and Forbrændingen set the scene for musical and visual experiences in Albertslund. MusikTeatret houses a concert hall and an auditorium, as well as a modern movie theatre showing both old and new movies. Forbrændingen is a music venue that invites you to enjoy and explore a variety of different artists in a former industrial building close to the city centre.

    If you are interested in playing music yourself, our music school offers a wide selection of classes, both for  beginners and for more advanced musicians. At Albertslund Music School, you can play anything from baby bongo to big band. The music school also has its very own symphony orchestra.

    Should you be more into sports and action, there are plenty of options at Albertslund Stadium, where you can play tennis, football, handball, etc.. Albertslund Motor Sports Centre also provides the perfect setting for action-packed racing, while Albertslund Riding Centre invites you to live out your equestrian dreams.

    In the summer, Albertslund Badesøen opens their doors to a large open-air swimming pool along with a waterslide and plenty of room to play beach volleyball, beach ball, boccia, and table-tennis. It also houses a fun one-day festival in collaboration with Forbrændingen, setting the scene for a perfect summer day.

    In 2007, the municipality of Albertslund was the first municipality to become 100% EMAS environmentally certified in Europe.

    Albertslund takes environmental problems seriously and actively works for a greener future. Our aim is to think globally and act locally. It is our declared goal to find new ways to reduce total CO2 emissions within the local authority, as well as minimise water, soil, and air pollution. All branches of local authority and local institutions are environmentally certified according to the European EMAS standard. In 2007, Albertslund became the first 100% environmentally certified municipality in Denmark.

    Since 1993, Albertslund local authority has been preparing a Green Accounting Statement, showing the consumption of heat, electricity and water, production of waste, and CO2 emissions. The objective is to reduce energy consumption and improve the environment. These efforts have yielded extraordinary results.

    Albertslund is also a partner in the Green Cities Network, striving towards CO2 neutral energy consumption and implementing climate initiatives in a number of areas, such as  environmental certification, sustainable purchasing ("green") policies, sustainable renovation and construction of buildings, encouraging renewables as well as promoting sustainable citizen behaviour and alternatives to car traffic. Albertslund has gained valuable experience from working full scale within the environmental management system, and the other Green Cities municipalities now benefit from this knowledge.

    In recent years, Albertslund has won several prestigious awards for its environmental and climate efforts: the Nordic Council´s Nature and Environment Prize in 2007, The Danish Town Planning Institute´s Town Planning Award in 2008, Climate Cup Town Award in 2008, Danish Energy Association´s ELFORSK award in 2009, and the Nordic Council's award as Nordic Energy Municipality 2011. In April 2009, Albertslund was also appointed the title of Energy Town by the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy.

    Albertslund is largely characterized - and recognized - by its distinctive architecture, and it is continously expanding and developing its urban design. To mention a few, our focus today lies on the expansion of Albertslund City Centre, the new light rail system, and an extensive energy optimization throughout the city. 

    The city was born in the 60s with a particular architectural approach and a very unique structure, namely the high-density, low-rise housing type. This type of housing is meant to emphasize social relationships and a sense of community by bringing people closer together.

    Today, the city is developing with a continued focus on social communities and relationships, and it is of high priority to maintain the distinctive features of the architecture. Therefore, it is required that all new constructions are architectonically pleasing, and the high-density, low-rise housing must meet extensive urban ecology requirements.

    Apart from the high-density, low-rise areas, there are plenty of different residential areas in Albertslund; There are old villages, youth housing and dormitories, and modern apartments and houses. There will also soon emerge two brand new residential areas, Coop Byen and Vridsløselille, where the old prison will be transformed into apartments.

    Finally, Albertslund is undergoing a large renewal process, which is mirrored in "Masterplan Syd" - the largest housing renovation project in Danish history. Over the next years, half of the town is expected to have their rental homes renovated. 

    60% of Albertslund consists of green areas, so you do not have to look far for the perfect green spot for your outing.

    Of the 60%, Vestskoven takes up the largest area in the city. Vestskoven is a man-made forest, and it has been gradually planted since 1967. The forest covers 1,500 hectares, and it homes a rich variety of animal and plant life.

    Inside Vestskoven, you will also find the largest artificial hill in Denmark, Herstedhøje. The hill was made from 3 million cubic metres of leftover earth from construction work in Greater Copenhagen. On top of the hill, the most breathtaking view over Copenhagen awaits.

    Right by Herstedhøje, you will also find the nature centre of the same name. Herstedhøje Nature Centre is an indoor and outdoor education centre for natural sciences, and everyone is welcome to visit their exhibitions and loan equipment for fieldwork.

    Apart from Vestskoven and Herstedhøje, the urban design is thought out with nature in mind, meaning there are plenty of green areas around and in-between residential areas as well. Additionally, the lakes and the canal in the city centre are parts of a rainwater diversion project in Albertslund, thereby combining practicality with beautiful scenery.

    Other facts

    • It takes less than 20 minutes from Albertslund to Copenhagen by S-train.
    • Albertslund has 4 elementary schools and 17 daycare institutions, and over 75% of the food in daycare institutions is organic.
    • 70% of all first grade pupils in Albertslund either cycle or walk to and from school.
    • Albertslund has a brand new library, designed by Henning Larsen Architects.
    • Every week, 1,350 children, young people and adults take classes at the Albertslund Music School in everything from baby bongo to big band.
    • Albertslund has its own symphony orchestra.
    • Forbrændingen is a regional music venue where you can hear established artists and upcoming bands.
    • MusikTeatret is Zealand's largest cultural centre with a concert and theatre hall and two modern cinemas.
    • In 2007, Albertslund became the first environmentally certified municipality in Denmark.
    • Albertslund was appointed Nordic Energy Municipality 2011, thanks to urban development with climate considerations - the development of solutions for energy efficient renovation of homes.