Nature in the town

60% of Albertslund is laid out as green areas, most of it the wooded area Vestskoven, which has been planted gradually since 1967. The woods cover 1,500 hectares and are home to a rich variety of animal and plant life.

The first tree in the man-made forest Vestskoven was planted in 1967. The forest covers 1,500 hectares and is mostly located in Albertslund. The already rich flora and fauna makes Vestskoven a lovely oasis where you can enjoy nature.

The largest artificial hill in Denmark, Herstedhøje in Vestskoven, was made from three million cubic metres of earth left over from construction and urban renewal in Greater Copenhagen. The top of the hill provides a magnificent view over most of the metropolitan area. Today, there are hundreds of sheep grazing in the plains at the foot of the hill.

The whole Herstedhøje area is used for many different types of recreational activities. One of them is the Herstedhøje Nature Centre, which is an indoor and outdoor education centre for natural sciences. Everyone is welcome to visit the exhibitions in the Centre and loan equipment for field use in the local area.