Nature close at hand

Albertslund has a unique urban plan, well laid-out residential areas, complete separation between pedestrian, bicycle and motorized traffic and large green areas.

One of the prime attractions in Albertslund is the numerous green areas in and around the town. Albertslund is a "green" local authority that appeals to present and future residents as well as trade and industry. However, few people outside Albertslund are aware of our green profile.

Thanks to the efforts of professional planners, Albertslund has inherited many fine qualities: the town plan, well laid-out residential areas, traffic differentiation and green spaces. Over 60% of Albertslund area is laid out as green spaces - five parks, greenery in residential areas, Store Vejleådal area, and particularly the Vestskoven forest, mostly located in Albertslund municipality. Few other communities can boast such a wide range of urban resources and opportunities with close proximity to a major city plus a wealth of natural beauty.

The lakes in the municipality and the canal in Albertslund South are part of a rainwater diversion project, and examples of how a practical problem can be solved to yield a recreational bonus.

Albertslund has as many kilometres paths as roads. Car traffic is separated from cyclist and pedestrian traffic. The path system means that cyclists and pedestrians can travel anywhere in Albertslund without having to cross busy roads.