City development and renewal of houses

The development of Albertslund Centre, a light rail system, conversion of Hersted Industrial Park and energy renovation of a large number of houses. Albertslund is developing…

Albertslund is known for innovative housing and its clear urban design.

Albertslund has:

  • High density low rise buildings that contribute to closeness and participation in the community
  • Old villages and  a modern canal town
  • Wonderful interplay between residential and natural areas.

There is both rental, cooperative and owner-occupied housing as well as hall of residence and youth housing. The composition of housing stock is unusual and has resulted in a diverse composition of tenants.

Innovative quality homes have been built in Herstedlund in recent years. The families who have chosen the new dwellings have got a common house and common areas as part of the package, while enjoying the other benefits of living in Albertslund.

In the City of Albertslund we have good environment for children and young people, a wealth of cultural opportunities and a sustainable town where nature and the environment provide the setting for daily life.

Large scale housing renovation

Albertslund is undergoing a renewal process, which is also mirrored in "Master Plan South", the largest housing renovation project in Danish history. Rental housing in Albertslund South is being renovated these years, creating the framework for the good life in town.

Over the next ten years half of the town residents will have their homes renovated. Albertslund has been appointed Nordic Energy Municipality 2011 for its comprehensive energy renovation project.