Culture and leisure

Albertslund offers high-quality recreational opportunities and a cultural life which you would normally only find in a big city. And there is something for everyone.

Culture is a driver for our community and Albertslund´s second platform issue. Cultural activities are an integral part of life in town. MusikTeatret is Zealand's largest cultural centre with a concert and theatre hall and two modern cinemas. Forbrændingen is one of the leading venues for rhythmic music in the Greater Copenhagen region.

Music is something special in Albertslund. We have one of the best music schools in Denmark, and the music school's orchestras are in a league of their own. Every week 1,350 children, young people and adults take classes at the Albertslund Music School in everything from baby bongo to big band, from music and movement to symphony orchestra, as well as individual classes in all types of instruments. Albertslund´s strong music initiatives in primary and lower secondary schools and our future culture centre Kulmøllen are further examples of the special status of music in our community. Several good musicians and stand-up artists come from this town.

Other examples of cultural spirit in Albertslund is purchasing of artwork, decoration of public buildings, exhibitions and lots of volunteering in sports clubs and associations. Most of the art that Albertslund local authority has bought over the years is displayed where people live and meet – in residential areas, squares, schools, institutions and other public buildings.

Albertslund is particularly focused on activities for children and young people. As a result, the local authority has formulated a recreational policy for children between the ages of 10 and 17. A visual arts school, riding school and sports facilities are just some of the cultural and recreational activities Albertslund offers its youngest generation. Albertslund Motor Sports Centre gives them the chance to live out their racing dreams.

The adults, too, have plenty of opportunities for outdoor pursuits and relaxation in the green areas around Albertslund.

Albertslund has over 300 registered associations offering a wealth of activities and 57 are sports associations. 48 percent of young people under 25 are members of a sports association. Sports clubs and other associations rely heavily on the work of committed volunteers.

Albertslund Stadium houses two sports halls, six tennis courts, 20 football pitches and one cricket pitch. Albertslund also has two football complexes and many other local sports facilities.

Albertslund Badesøen recreation centre has an open air swimming pool with a diameter of 60 metres plus courts for playing beach volleyball, beach ball, street basketball and boccia. Albertslund Riding Centre is a modern centre with 77 horses, a riding school, riding physiotherapy facilities and boarding stable.