Children on the Move

Albertslund local authority prioritizes organic food for children. Children are our future and must have a healthy start in life.

Children and young people are one of our platform issues. Albertslund has long been recognised for the high standard of its facilities and initiatives for children, environmental education and a broad spectrum of cultural and recreational options for children and young people. Services for children hinge on the work of caring, committed and competent adults, and professional awareness is keen in this area.

We want to rank among the best local authorities in terms of teaching basic skills and knowledge to children and young people as well as nurturing their academic, creative, social and democratic abilities. Albertslund has 4 elementary schools and 17 day care centres. Over 75% of the food served to children in nurseries and kindergartens is organic.

All schools and institutions are working on such focus areas as integration, quality development, environmental certification and contemporary management. The large majority of almost 7,000 children and young people between the ages of 0 and 16 use the local authority's day care institutions and recreational and youth clubs.

The focus is both on sports – open air swimming pool, horse riding and motor racing - and cultural activities, such as a visual arts school, a theatre and a symphony orchestra for youngsters. In 2008 Albertslund was announced as the Music School Municipality of the Year. In addition, the local green areas provide a great setting for new extreme sports.

The organic petting farm Toftegården is a small haven, an idyllic country setting for local children to visit. The children look after their own rabbits and help with the farm chores of feeding and caring for horses, pigs, cows, sheep and chickens. The farm is also a preservation centre for domestic animal breeds. Other children from the Greater Copenhagen area visit the farm, too.