Welcome to Albertslund

Read and learn about Albertslund and about being a recident in the city

The city Albertslund is located 17 km west of Copenhagen with a population of nearly 28.000 inhabitants.

Green city for children and activity

The town bustles with activity and has a history of good cooperation with its citizens and businesses. Environmental issues, good opportunities for children and young people, and a variety of cultural and leisure pursuits have a high priority.

Facts about Albertslund

  • 61% of housing is council housing, while 34% is privately owned
  • Albertslund has an area of 23 square kilometres
  • Population: 27.706
  • Area: 23 km2
  • Municipal tax rate: 24, 60%
  • Church tax rate: 0, 80%.

Key figures for Albertslund.